Bag system and object placement

Hi guys, I’m making a videogame just for me and my wife and I’m stuck. I wanna do the following things:

  1. I wanna make a bag system similar to World of Warcraft, where in your toolbar you have 4 slots for bag and each bags have n slots. Can you link me some tutorial about how make it?
  2. I wanna make a system similar to Minecraft. I don’t want to build the entire world, I just want to place on a “world grid” an object on the ground, let say for example a wall or a floor. There is any tutorial for that?

My version of unity is 2017 and looking for tutorial and help about how to make it.

P.S. the game is in single player.

I’m probably explained bad. I’m asking for tutorial about that points. I’m not expect that anyone say “this is the script”, I wanna make it and learn. I was surfing around and I didn’t found anything useful that’s why I’m asking here.


I think I found the tutorials for you. Here is the entire playlist: Playlist

Here is the specific video of the World of Warcraft like bag system: Bag System Video

Good day.

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There are severals tutorials. First i recommend you to learn basics of scripting in C#, then learn basics of Unity Scene editing.

Unity itself have very good video tutorials for almost everything.

But, you must know you are trying to do a project of minimum 200 hours of work (once you know hot to do it).

Try this Youtube tutorial

Read this post for referencing issues

Good luck!