bake all at once or can i bake objects separately?


Must i bake all objects at once or can i bake objects separately? I constantly missing (override) previously baked lightmaps. What is the way the use Beast?? PLEASE UNITY give us the answer. We need a little help with this !!

WHy, i heavens name why, why does Beast override the previous created lightmaps?? How can i keep them on the objects ?

I recently discovered how to get around this! You can click the Maps tab of the lightmap options window and set the lightmap “Array Size” to a large number, say 42 (however many individual lightmaps you want). Then go to the Bake options and check “Lock Atlas.” Now select the “Object” tab and select the object(s) you would like to bake individually. In the “Object” tab, you will need to set the Atlas’ “Lightmap Index” value to the number that corresponds to any of the Array slots (0-42 in this example). The Beast will not mawl your previous lightmaps to death but it will disconnect them for some reason. All you need to do is go back to the maps tab and drag them all into their corresponding slots!

when using beast to do lightmapping it will overwrite any previously created lightmaps. If you want individual lightmaps to be created this can be done with a lightmap shader.

By increase "Resolution" in Bake tab and increase "Array size" in Map tab Beast automatically do it for you; so don't worry :)

it's tested. I used 100 for resolution parameter. remember more resolution take more time.

its because most time beast combine some mesh's lightmap together because they have small resolution size. beast do this in order to decrease number of texture call.

Lightmaps can be baked on objects all at once or individual objects as well,To do that you cn follow the following steps 1.Go to Window>Lightmapping

Notice it is in object mode.Now you can select indivudual objects either from the scene or from the heirarchy(Use CTRL+LMB) , then just change settings according to your needs and click on baked selected. Hope this helps!