bake animation from maya to unity ?

hello, anybody know how to import bake animation from maya to unity?
i have problem to import my animation from maya to unity.
for example i have character with blink and smile animation from maya… i have to bake this animation in may its looks good in maya, and i export my animation fbx format. but if i import my fbx in unity thats animtion is can’t work. somebody can help me? thanks :slight_smile:

Maya’s fbx exporter doesn’t support all kind of animation controllers. Please check if there are export errors or warnings in maya’s fbx exporter window after you export it.

And… Please try to make a new and very simple scene in maya (like a cube or something). Make it jump or move so it’s a simple animation. Try exporting and importing this into unity. See if it works or not. Even if this simple animation is not working in unity, your fbx exporter animation baking settings might be disabled.