bake error


I read many of baking and shadowing tutorials for unity but when I do their steps, it gives me job execution failure error. I have one directional light and i sett the property to soft shadows and then go to lightmapping and click bake. its two days im struggling with this and still no answer. what i want to do is to have rays of lights passing through the trees in the jungle and have the shadow of the trees on the road.
could you please help me with that?

Thanks in advance!


I’m a little unclear as to what you’re asking since it may be a couple of different things in one, or it may not even be what I think you’re asking - but I’ll give it a shot.

A nice little cheat is to create a texture of said light-shafts (with appropriate accompanied alpha channel for transparency), apply texture to a plane, and then place shafts where they should be. Since the shafts are “light,” you probably want to make sure it is an unlit transparent shader type and the mesh doesn’t receive or cast shadows, otherwise you may get shadows on your light-shafts, and that might just look weird.

Another option is using a lens flare on the light source in combination with a light-shaft/bloom type post-process effect on the camera.

Of course you could combine all the suggestions, just be careful of their usage, as each has their pros and cons when it comes to looking good and being a cpu drain, respectively.