Bake lightmap lod0 of a prefab, but not for the other lods. Make all the lods use the lightmap location for lod0

When i render a prefab in a scene it creates 1 lightmap texture but that includes the lightmaps for lod1,2 and 3.

I want that prefab to only render a lightmap for lod0 and the other lods in the prefab to then use that lightmap for lod0.
All of my lods have a uv2 channel and are mapped the same.

Ive tried 10 different work arounds and ran out of ideas.

really need some help.


I looked into lightprobes see if that was the solution but no. The nearest solution was this video where they manually changed the lightmapuv settings for each lod to use the same space on the texture for lod0. But you cant edit this anymore and surely it would change everytime you render it.