Bake mesh scale.

So what I'm trying to do is take an object (mesh with armature), resize the armature's various bones, and force the mesh to remain re-scaled even after the armature has been removed.

Effectively, something like this would let me take one mesh and adapt it to a differently-sized armature.

Might anyone have an idea as to how I could do this 'baking' process?

This doesn’t have a ‘Blender’ tag but you are talking about armatures, so I’m not sure if you’re attempting to do this at runtime in Unity or if it is a modelling question.

If the latter is the case, in Blender 2.5+ select the model and press Ctrl+A. You will be asked what parts of the mesh transforms you want to bake.

In Unity, I don’t even know how to access a mesh’s vertices yet, sorry :slight_smile: