Bake paused in play mode

Unity has been like this for some time now, if I try to save what I’ve done and close Unity I lose everything I’ve done. . Also I cannot do anything else…Help!

The description is pretty self explanatory.

The GI bake process is paused…while the editor is in play mode.

Stop playing your “game”, and it should be good.

If it’s saying this while you’re NOT playing the game, then you have a bug, and should file a bug report.

There’s nothing “self-explanatory” about it. It says nothing about GI and my game doesn’t even use shadows, it’s just a mysterious message in the corner of the screen.

Yes I also have problem and the FPS controller does not want to move except the camera with the same info in the console but I have no error in the console
Thank :wink:

Window > Rendering > Lighting Setting > Auto Generate