Baked light + dynamic light, same mesh?

Here’s the rundown:

I didn’t want static lights leaking through walls (I have Unity Pro, so no worries, not another “dynamic shadows” question…), so I baked my level mesh with a hard shadow, which was easy enough. However, I need dynamic lights, such as my character’s flashlight, to also affect the mesh.

I’ve tried using the legacy shaders that have a lightmap input (following, step by step, this answer, here. How a 14 year old would understand this stuff that well, I don’t even know…), but they don’t seem to register it as an actual lightmap. I don’t know if I’m just not baking it correctly to be used with those shaders, but as far as I’ve uncovered through all the googling I’ve been doing over the last few hours, legacy shaders are shaders that have become deprecated, which kinda explains why it wasn’t working correctly (or at least the way I would have expected it to).

Overall, is there any way I can have a lightmap applied to a mesh, and allow it to accept dynamic lighting? I’d find it pretty ridiculous if the Unity dev team didn’t implement some method of doing this, since it would limit so much with the lighting…

I seem to have figured it out. I set the flashlight to “realtime only” before baking. It must have been trying to bake the flashlight onto the static meshes, then ignored it for everything but non-static meshes.