Baked lighting is darker on some objects

Hello Guys ,

I am struggling with the ligth baking in Unity for almost a week now.
This is a scene my artist designed in Maya , that I am trying to recreate in Unity.

Now there are a lot of interesting shadows going on in the scene , I know that my artist had one ambient light and one directional light setup in Maya.

And here is my attempt to do something similar (do not laugh) :slight_smile:

  1. I’ve marked everything surrounding the water as “Static”.
  2. I’ve created a mesh of light and reflection probes in the water area to simulate my baked light data on dynamic objects within the pool.

Well , there are some issues obviously.

  1. The first problem that I see , is that my static objects are waaaay darker than the dynamic ones that are receiving lights from the probes. This is a mystery to me , maybe I lack some basic understanding about light probes . But aren’t they suppose to have the same intensity as my static baked data ?
  2. The second problem are the shadows , the lack of the shadows to be exact. Do I miss something in the lighting settings ?
  3. Even though I bake light into static objects , they still will receive additional illumination from my real time lighting . That will make my static objects brighter than they should be. On the other hand , If I don’t use light probes (because they make my dynamic objects too bright) , I should use some real time lighting to illuminate everything without baked light data. Is there a way to NOT RECEIVE real time lighting on specific objects ?
  4. Can I maybe just import the light mapped object from Maya in Unity 5 ? As far as I know there is a way to use Legacy shader for that. But maybe there is a better way ?

Thanks in advance.

Same issue here

Add a uv map layer to those objects. It doesnt even have to have been uv mapped. If there is atleast one uv map layer it fixes the issue for me

I have the same issue as well, just wanna ask how to “Add a uv map layer to those objects”?

For me it was the fact that some objects were still unmarked as “static”. Sometimes I marked the parent as static, but didn’t set the child as static too. The objects with darker shadows were the baked ones, while the soft shadows were from objects that should be static, but weren’t.

same here, Unity 2021.6