Baked lightmap darker than nearby objects

I’ve been having a difficult time describing the issue. I have a scene with mixed lighting, this area features a static lightmap bridge over static terrain. The bridge is built from several separate mesh parts placed beside each other. One of the parts is baking darker than the others, however if I rotate the bridge slightly it pops to the same value as the other segments (without re-baking lightmaps).

Any idea what’s happening and how to make the entire bridge a uniform value across? I don’t really care if it’s all light or all dark, as long as it doesn’t look as jarring as the image.

Thank you for your assistance @FortisVenaliter it looks like the issue was related to a reflection probe the mesh was automatically assigning when within a certain position.

That single mesh object was automatically assigning a reflection probe which was generated by the AQUAS water surface nearby. The other objects were not picking up the probe. I found the comparable parameter to “info_light” (called Anchor Override) and was able to get the bridge segments to match by setting it so all mesh pieces pick up the reflection probe (or vice versa). I’m not sure why only that one component picked up this probe automatically and the others ignored it.