Baked Lightmap + Dynamic Light

Is it possible to make an object that has a baked lightmap be also affected by the dynamic light?
I would like to use the lightmap to add some realism to the scene, but I would also like to have a moving dynamic light affecting the objects.

Yes, you can :smiley: Just bake it normally, than, in the LightMap panel deselect the lightmaps you baked, but DON’T DELETE THEM. Next step, is to associate the: Legacy Shaders: Diffuse Lightmap (or something like this) to the “baked+dynamic light object” and in the base slot, drag the lightmap. Its important to bake using single lightmaps.

I tested the above answer, and it would seem it has become deprecated. Legacy Shaders are, by definition, shaders that have been retired from previous versions of Unity that have become deprecated. These ones have become too deprecated to use, anymore.

However, if anyone coming to this answer had the same issue as me, try baking lightmaps as normal (without doing the strange method the above answer did, of removing them and using them as a lightmap texture), and setting any dynamic lights to “realtime only.” That seemed to solve this issue, for me.