Baked lights with realtime directional shadows?

I’m basically looking have all lights in the scene set to “Baked”, except for the directional light, which I’d like to be realtime, for the realtime shadows.

The problem I’m running into, is that the shadows cast by the static objects from the realtime directional light are completely black. The test scene I have contains static and non-static objects and surfaces. There is a blue point light which is baked, and a directional light which is realtime. The ambient light is a dark grey.

If I change to rendering path to Deferred, I get the effect that I’m after, but then I have to deal with the drawbacks of Deferred rendering (namely the lack of MSAA)

Is there any way to achieve dynamic shadows in addition to baked lights while using the Forward rendering path?


As far as i know the problem is in mixed mode lighting:

When is Mixed mode lighting going to be fixed?

Any hope to have the deferred lighting fixed?

Unity 5 - How to light large scenes.

“Will confirm that mixed mode fixing will be delayed to 5.4, as the pull request was big enough to be concerning for stability for 5.3. (Note, beta for 5.4 will start in Dec)”