Baked/Mixed light problem - turns off when baked

Hi, I am new to unity and learning unity by making clones of already created games and I am currently working on a car game…

The problem I am facing is that when I tries to bake the lights it turns off… it’s weird however I am sure this is the problem on my side. I tried to find the solution online but could not find it and I am stuck with this problem for couple of days now. Images are attached



Moreover the lighting properties are set to default(reset)

Any kind of help will really be appreciated

I figured it out … at last

  1. Set the lights to Baking to Baked
  2. Select the model to light up (Bake).
  3. Click "Drop down arrow "on the Static check box in the (top right corner of the) inspector and select Lightmap Static
  4. ENJOY Baking

It is better to use the mixed because all the other object (which are not static) will be realtime (i.e. player)

And you can also get the list to all the gameobjects which can be specified as ligthmap static by Lightning>Object>Renderers