Baked reflection probes causing overexposure in build.

I have a returning problem of random reflection probes burning environment. Tried changing weights - that helped for a while but later the problem returned.

  • It looks simillar to the effect caused by exceeded sharedassets file size, but removing nearly all content from the scene did not help - only removing reflection probes fixes it.
  • Rebaking only shuffles probes that cause the issue.
  • I have noticed in debug inspector for the probes, that Unity uses same texture for multiple of them when baking. Tried either switching textures for duplicates and removing those specific probes that use textures already used - both unsuccessfully.
  • There is no error message in development build, in editor play mode it works fine.

Did anyone encounter it before or has an idea what it can be caused by?

I baked each probe separately and moved cubemap to another folder so it won’t get overwritten by next probe, renamed all cubemaps to fit probes so I could verify that each is in fact unique and moved them back to scene folder. It seems that it helped, hope the problem won’t return.