Baked shadows disappear when rotating head(set)

Hey guys,

I am running into some strange issue : please see the video : when some part of the building (look at the cursor) is on the side of the viewing field, the shadows disappear.
I thought it was related to the clipping plane of the camera but it is not.
Any idea what can cause this ?

Lights are baked, only sunlight is mixed light. Something with my light settings ?


The video does not work. Have you checked the shadow distance settings?
It sounds like the viewport culling for you shadows is not working properly, but I am not aware of a setting for it. Are you sure it's the baked shadows that disappear and not subtractive shadows of your mixed light?

Sorry 'ill look into the video issue. And try your suggestions as well !

Did you ever find a solution to this issue?

Make a new post with screenshots of the issue and details about unity version, vr runtime and render pipeline