Baked spotlights not showing

I have an interior scene with a visible night exterior visible through windows.
the scene requires 22 spot lights 14 point lights 6 area light and a single directional light baked into it
however when I bake the scene 10 of the spotlight localized in a single room do not show up.

I’ve tried increasing pixel light count but it has had no effect.

I’ve seen other people with this problem, is this a bug on Unity’s part?

Edit: I noticed the lights not rendering were not set to static, I set them all to static, however this has had no effect on the scene, the same lights are still not rendering.

It turns out there was a problem with my cone shaped lamp shades.
for some reason they were stopping the light from rendering.

I’ve moved the light emitters further from the hollow of the cone and now they bake correctly.