Baker running 3 times

All my bakers run three times on start, one for each primary world it seems as I end up with a baked entity in each world; default, client and server. I would think it should only run for the DefaultGameObjectInjectionWorld. Implementing a Baking System just hits all three entity. Am I missing something to restrict the baking system to run for just one world? Also, is there a way to specify the output should be sent to a specific world, overriding the injection world?

Update: this is a netcode/baking problem. After removing netcode the baker only bakes one entity for the default world. I don't know if this is a "bug" but it certainly is a shortcoming of the baker and baking system. I should be able to specify where a baked entity lands. One kludgy solution is to remove the unwanted entities from the worlds they shouldn't exist but that is only a temporary hack. It would seem this could be handled with Attributes on the baker that specify which world to bake the entity to, though some fine tuning may be required.

I haven't used NetCode but isn't that handled at the subscene level ?

Isn't there a way to specify a subscene is either client / server or both ??

If it is possible I'm not aware of how to do it. Nothing on the subscene component. Still, that wouldn't be enough. I could have other worlds; staging, regions, etc. not just client/server.