baking creates artifacts, real time looks fine

Hai am new to 3d modeling and game development, this is my first project. I used blender to model the temple and terrain was created in unity. when I bake I get weird shadows and dark patches. I looked solutions nothing working. it takes me lot of time to bake so its hard to try various settings and check. I have been trying to fix this for four days, if anyone know why this is happening please let me know. I have included the images

Hai looks like I found the solution my self… I think we can call it a solution. this was done in unity 5.1, and when I uninstalled 5.1 and installed 5.0 now baking works fine.
I guess its a bug in unity 5.1?? I don’t know. So yes if you are having the same trouble as me then try this method and make sure you make a backup of your project before converting your project