Ball goes in trigger, allow to move a different cube?

How do i make it so that when a ball that is rolling, once it enter the “trigger box”, i would be able to move a cube?

create a collider and attached the Activate trigger script to it. that script should came with unity. now mark the isTrigger
box on the collider.make sure your ball has a collider.

for the ball i assume you already create a rolling ball with rigibody. attach the animation to the cube (you want to be moved)
and uncheck the Play Automatically option.

oh and the activate script should give you options like Action, target, soure etc.
in the Action section select Animate.
in the target section select the target you want to animate(in your case it should be the cube you mention)
leave the source blank.
select the trigger count as you want.
repeat trigger as you wish.

well you are good to go. when your ball collide with the trigger box the animation should play. enjoy.

hope this helps. :slight_smile: