Ball going through and sticking to flippers in a pinball game

Hello, I’m making a pinball style game, but I have problem with the ball going partially through the moving flippers and “sticking” to them because of this. Reducing the detection time didn’t fully solve the problem.

I haven’t used raycasts for the sake of simplicity, I have a ball which is always turning on its axis, and to my knowledge it would require a lot of raycasts in a lot of directions just to detect collisions. But, if someone can come up with a simple solution to my problem, I’d be more than grateful.

Thanks in advance for any answers!

This is happening because your ball is moving very fast and the physics update rate cannot keep up. Try reducing all your movement speeds by half but increasing Time.timeScale (in project settings) from 1 to 2.

This will speed up the rate at which you see stuff on the screen, but will have normal speeds to calculate positions/collisions with.

What you get is: the same speed on screen but more precise calculations.