Ball is not moving when velocity is not zero

Hi I have code like this to move the ball,

if (myOwner == transform)
	soccerBall.rigidbody.velocity = swipeDirection.normalized * kickSpeed;
	soccerBall.myOwner = null;

If this is owner of the ball, when swiped the ball moves. After that, the owner becomes null.

swipeDirection is determined by input Swipe gesture. When swipe, the ball should move to the direction. However, sometimes, the ball gets stuck. I debugged the velocity and it is not zero. There is velocity but the ball is not moving. I also debugged the owner, after swipe, there is still owner when it is supposed to be null.

Any idea how this happened? Ball is not moving when velocity is not zero.

Are you not getting errors in the console window? Maybe a previous crash is preventing your GameObject from moving.

Are you sure the ball is not moving? For example you could have an orthographic camera and the ball could be moving parallel to the camera.forward direction and you would not see it moving. Is the transform component not changing?