Ball jump on collision problem

I’m creating a game with a ball. When the ball collides with the wall it makes a little jump (see picture below). The normal of the wall segment is correct. The wall has a mesh collider and the ball a sphere collider.

How can I remove (or reduce) this jump? I think the jumping is related to angular velocity (it disappear when I freeze angular rotation) however I believe that the angular velocity make the ball behave in a realistic way (except for the jumping).

Here are some physics settings I have changed:

Max Angular Velocity: 700 (Default is 7)

alt text

It looks to me like the problem is friction on the wall. That is realistic movement (take a ball and roll it against a wall; it will not stay perfectly in contact with the floor) so you’ll have to play around with some things to make it look the way you want.

Reduce the friction to zero on the wall (assuming a physics material of some sort) and see if that takes care of it.