Ball merges with object

Basically I have a ball with a sphere collider that falls vertically into a box with a box collider. When the player rotates the box, the ball is supposed to slightly bounce and then just roll over the box thanks to gravity.

It works well when the player rotates the box immediately after the ball touching the box but, if the player waits for even one second and then rotates the box, the ball just merges with the box and eventually falls through the mesh.

What am i missing?


Do both of your objects have rigidbodies attached? Never move or rotate a collider that does not have a rigidbody attached. Any collider without a rigidbody is supposed to never move, rotate or scale. If you don’t want to control the object with physics (applying forces, torque, gravity) you just have to make the rigidbody a kinematic rigidbody. In this case the object is not affected by the physics system, but can affect other objects. A kinematic rigidbody is supposed to be controlled through scripting or animations.

Amazing, the box did not have a rigidbody, only the ball had. Added it and now it works. Thanks!!!