Ball not slippery

Trying to do a simple script where I move a ball using awsd I did something like
if (Input.GetKey(a"){
transform.Translate(Vector3.left* (speed * time.deltaTime);

its probably worng but the point is when I click on a it just goes and when I lift it stops. Why doesn’t it glide a little or slip a little?! I have a rigidbody on the ball and I have gravity on. Help?!

For rigid bodies, you should apply forces to them instead of translating them. By translating them yourself you kind of break the rules of the physics system.

After that, try changing the dynamic and static friction the both the balls and the grounds physics materials. These are probably on the rigid bodies. Also play with the angular drag on the balls rigid body.

GetComponent<Rigidbody>().AddForce(Vector3.left * 50);