Ball slows down too fast.. why?


Demonstration of the problem: unity 2017 ball slows down too fast - YouTube

Why does the ball slow down so fast at the end. This is not realistic. The ball should almost keep the same speed as at the start.
The bowling ball has a rigidbody with both drag and angular drag set to zero.
The mass is set to 10. (other mass values don’t change much…)
Everything has the default physics material.

thanks for help :slight_smile:

I got it!

While describing this problem I realised that I hadn’t tried to play around with the physics materials!
I found out that I needed to create a physics material for the ball and set the friction to a very small value.

I also created a physics material for the bowling pins and made them bouncy.

Now it feels looks very good and is fun to play around with it :smiley:
I love it when things work!