Ball with bounciness 1 bounces higher and higher in unity2d,Ball jumps higher and higher when bounciness set to 1

We set the bounciness of our ball to be 1 (friction 0), Collision Detection to “Continuous” and Interpolate at “None”, but our ball just bounces higher and higher if fallen from a high place. The floor has a bounciness of 0.1 (but here bounciness takes the maximum so 0.1 doesn’t matter). Is there a bug or anything or did we do something wrong? What can we do (e.g. write bounce code by ourselves) to make sure that the ball always bounces back to the same height?

Update: We have a “jump” command that adds an upward velocity to the ball, and this strange situation only happens if the ball jumps onto the floor. If we drop it from the sky it acts all right

I have the same issue in a 2d arkanoid style game. Setting my paddle’s rigidbody 2D collision detection from dynamic to continous fixed it for me. I’m not really sure why.

Edit: I did notice once i’d done this the ball would jump to a certain point once, then slightly higher, then back to the original point, and so on. Not a huge issue in my case, however it could be some sort of physics bug? My friction is also set to 0.