Banner ad not working

I followed the banner ad code to a T here: Unity developer integration guides but the last line doesnt work because the Banner is not part of Advertisement. So I took out the Banner word, and the code works runs but the banner shows as a regular ad when I play the game, and when I build it there is no ad at all. Please help! Ive been trying to fix this all day.

Have you made sure to add the Monetization SDK 3.1.0 via the Asset Store? Just enabling the native Service won’t be able to support Banners since they are pretty new in Unity Ads.

Once imported to your project you can enable the SDK with:

using UnityEngine.Advertisements;

in the appropriate script(s), after which you can use Advertisement.Banner

I was wondering if you have been able to solve problem of Advertisements.Banner.Show().

I am having the same problem, and I don’t want to do the above answer (import Monetization) because docs say not to if not doing Personalization and I’m afraid it will cause problems.

Did you find another solution?

I really would like to fix this because my game is done except for this problem, and I can’t make any money without fixing it. Unity really should make the money-making aspect of the Engine much easier to integrate because not everybody is making games for no money.