Bare bones saving

Ok, I know there’s already like a million questions about saving, so bear with me.

What I need is to be able to save the contents of variables to a simple file. How do I actually prompt Unity to create the file and write the data to it, and later read from it? I don’t want to save a giant file with the whole scene state in it. I just want the pertinent data. What is the command to say, create a text asset with the content “Hello, World.”?

import System.IO;    

// this assumes you have a registry value called "Path" containing the path to the program folder on the user's system (C:\My Program").    

function saveFile (filename : String, dataToSave : String)
    File.WriteAllText(PlayerPrefs.GetString("Path")+"/" + filename, dataToSave.Trim()); 

function loadFile(fileToLoad : String)
    var fileData : String;

    fileData = File.ReadAllText(PlayerPrefs.GetString("Path")+"/" + fileToLoad);

    return fileData;

Have you used a method known as stream reading/writing? It takes data from say a simple text file and allows you to use it as variable in code. When I worked with my team on a game they did this to help us change parameters as I was just an artist. If i wanted to change the speed of something, all I had to do was enter the number one for say the variable “Speed” and then unity could read the data variable number one from the notepad and use it in the game. It was a tad laggy but it worked thats for sure