[Barebones Repro] Point Light 2D "Use Normal Map" -> standalone build -> error every frame

Unity version 2019.4.6f1
URP Version: 7.4.1
Using 2D Renderer

When running standalone build, getting this error every frame: "Dimensions of color surface does not match dimensions of depth surface". This error only happens with a "Point Light 2D" in the scene with Use Normal Map selected. This only happens on the standalone build, not in-editor.

Barebones repro project for the issue - empty project besides placing a Point Light 2D into the scene (and a sprite, but I don't think the sprite is even required): https://drive.google.com/file/d/19Zieuc092FGj_2Q4NasNQpjWabw_Fhxt/view?usp=sharing

I submitted a Bug Report from within Unity - is that the preferred method? Haven't done direct Bug Reporting before. The case/ticket number is: 1268201

This error is making things extra difficult for me because my project has online multiplayer, and I rely on using the console in the standalone developer build for troubleshooting :hushed:

Thanks for any help!!! :)

I got a response from my Bug Report that this has been fixed in URP version 8.0.1. However, the latest version of URP that is available to me in Package Manager is 7.4.1 (and I'm using the most current Unity 2019.4 LTS version)

I had a similar issue about updating URP that I posted last month here ( https://discussions.unity.com/t/799780/6 ).

Should I be able to update URP through Package Manager, or do I really have to be editing the manifest.json to update it? This doesn't seem right :eyes:

Update: So it turns out that the latest version of URP with the current Unity 2019.4 LTS is 7.4.1.

Updating Unity to 2020.1.1f1 allowed me to download URP version 8.2.0. Still got the error on this version. Updated my Bug Report and was told that the issue was fixed, but was then reintroduced in version 8.2.0. But at least they are aware of it so hopefully will be fixed soon.

Just a quick update to this post in case anyone reads it: They responded saying that this is fixed in 2021.1 alpha