.base and subclasses

I’m trying to create a spell-system, where the player can assign spells to certain slots (keybinds).
Now I’m trying to create spell-classes and this is what I’ve started with:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class SpellClass {
	public Texture2D tex2D_spellIcon;
	public float fl_coolDown;
	protected static int AIR = 1, WATER = 2, FIRE = 3, EARTH = 4;
	protected int affiliatedElement = 0;
	public void Perform() {

And one subclass:

public class Spell_HealingClass : SpellClass {	
	public float fl_healingAmount;
	affiliatedElement = base.WATER;


However, when trying to assign ‘affiliatedElement’, it doesn’t recognize the variable. How does this work?

Your WATER variable is a static, you don’t need base. for a static, just SpellClass.


Now you also don’t need base. for fl_coolDown or affiliatedElement either - you inherited it so you’ve got it already on this.

You do need somewhere to put your code though! a constructor would be used here:

public Spell_HealingClass() 
    affiliatedElement = SpellClass.WATER;