Base map problem when loading terrains from asset bundles in build.

Hi everyone, I'm bumping into problems when loading terrains from asset bundles. These problems are related to these questions Terrain Grass and Asset Bundles, Modifying Terrain Splat.

Concretely, when I load the terrains, I get this error :"Failed to get pixels of splat texture". Then in the distance, all my terrains are black. When I raise the base map distance, the textures are correctly set. Clearly the problem comes from the fact Unity tries to create the base map but the splat textures are not created already. Anyone got clues about this ?

I guess you’ve already figured this out, but it might be useful for others.

I just came over this as I had the same problem. It seems that you need to set “Read/Write enabled” to true on all textures used by the terrains that are loaded.