Base sdk missing

Hey everyone I'm getting an error when trying to compile in xcode. (Base sdk missing) "there is no sdk with tghe name or path 'iphoneos4.0'. I set the unity project to export for iphoneos4.2. I've googled the shit out of the issue.

this page is pretty cut and dry and still didn't solve the issue.

it appears xcode is still looking for sdk 4.0 when in face it doesn't exist on my computer. sdk 4.2 does in fact exist.

Any help on the matter would be most welcome. Thank you.

After you build your project in Unity and it Launches XCode:

  1. Go to Project
  2. Edit Active Target Unity iPhone (Click to edit this)
  3. Change the Base SDK to iOS 4.2
  4. Change iOS Deployment Bundle to (i.e) 3.2 or whatever your Bundle is..
  5. Rebuild from Xcode and you should be good to go.