Basic Augmented Reality. Can this be achieved with Unity? (iOS/Android)

Hi there,

I need to develop a mobile app for iOS/Android which has the functionality listed below. I have never used Unity, therefore I need to make sure it is a suitable tool for the job.

  1. Have a basic checkin function. That is if you are within a given radius of a given geographical coordinate then the app will just need to notify some backend service via a REST api call. I expect this to be trivial.

  2. search for hidden virtual objects. Using the accelerometer data the app will be able to render these virtual objects on screen (the background is the camera capture). The user needs to be able to ‘select’ these virtual objects. When this happens we just need to notify our rest backend service which virtual object was just ‘selected’.

I am more concerned with point 2.

Can I do this with Unity out of the box, or do I need some additional library? Are there any libraries that would make this easier to develop?

What version of Unity do I require?

Thank you!

This is the best answer on the subject.