Basic FPS help!

Hello, I am fairly new to the unity engine. I used it a few times before. I am interested in making an FPS game. I have just been messing around with unity features but I have gotten quite into it. I am using version 4.6, I can’t upgrade it before anyone suggests that. I’ve started the scene by using a terrain and a fps character. I’ve got a house I built in blender and everything’s happy and dandy until I tried to make a gun shoot. I’ve tried loads of different scripts and models but they all seem to create a bullet clone that hovers in the air when created and does not move. I am currently not using any scripts. Any scripts that you have would help and if you could tell me in detail how to make the bullet work. Any help will do thanks.

@bubzy suggested that I use Unity Tutorial 05 - Prefabs and Shooting - YouTube which really helped me.