basic gui question

I’m trying to get a main menu in unity and I’m running into a very very simple and annoying problem. I’m using the OnGui() definition from

and tutorial from

to set up the menu, but after I attach the main menu script to the camera and activate the script, nothing shows up on screen. I tried creating groups, creating simple labels, but nothing shows up on screen. Can anyone help me attach a menu to the camera and have it show up onscreen please.


PS : I tried enabling/disabling the GUI layer too, with no luck.

alt text
alt text

Well I just tried up until the adding of ‘MainMenuScript.js’ and it seems to have worked for me. What I did was:

-Made a new scene

-Disabled GUILayer, FlareLayer, and AudioListener on the Main Camera.

-Assets → Create → GUISkin

-Accessed GUISkin in the inspector and changed the ‘Button’ properties under ‘Normal’ and ‘Hover’ to different colors. Nothing else was touched.

-Made the MainMenuScript.js script. Within the script, the only thing I changed was that I commented out lines 19 and 20 because I wasn’t interested in the level selection. For reference, those lines were:

  //var script2 = GetComponent("MapMenuScript"); 
  //script2.enabled = true;

-Then I attached the script to the main camera and hit play.

Turns out it was a stupid error, my method was named OnGui() instead of OnGUI() and wasn’t being called. Thanks for the input Stradagee.