Basic Javascript Scripting Help


I am very new to Unity, and I am also not too knowledgeable about programming, I only know the basics. Can someone help me in starting up in scripting in Unity? Maybe show me the basics?

All the tutorials on the website are in C#, but I would rather learn Javascript in which I have some knowledge about, as compared to C# which I have never tackled before.


I suggest to follow this link:

There you have all basic informations about scripting and most important in Javascript. has some very good courses for getting into Unity and Programming. However, like @conman79 states, I highly recommend you use Unity with C#; I had no C# knowledge when I began. There’s nothing wrong with learning something new. If you choose to stick with JS, just remember how hard it is to find a tutorial on basic principles, when you’re going to need to delve into more advanced areas later on.