Basic keyboard input not working

I’m running a script containing …

function Update()
		transform.position.z += 1.0;

… attached to the Camera, in a scene with one object and one light source. But I get no response to keyboard input when running. I’ve tried Unity in the past using other tutorials and have hit the same problem.

I vaguely remember reading something about having to alter the system Registry to fix this, but right now can’t any information despite searching, Answers, the Forum and google.

Any help would be appreciated.

I had to remove the Input Registry key as per below. It was set to Input = DirectInput, I’ve no clue why. But removing the Input registry key has effectively enabled Keyboard input for me where before I had none.


Hello :!!!

I have the same problem… i try to learn Unity but during the tutorial “ball collecting object”… and after second chapter, I just realize that my keyboard dont control anything… the script i wrote for moving the ball is good but there is just no reactions when i launch the scene… I try to take a look at my registry following your advice and i have two line in the unityEditor folder : “Editor Statsdone” and “(par défault)” Doesnt seems to be the “listing” you are talking about…

Also another info : i have install an older version of Unity 4.3.4 for another tutorial learning… and the keys are working !!! HELP §§ I AM So lost… it’s working with the 4.3.4 but not with the 5.4.1