Basic Rotation Animation in Z Axis is Making Really Weird Moves

I am trying to make a 2D rotation animation with Unity’s built-in animation editor. But problem is, when I try to make some little Z axis changes, It goes insane! I tried using Quaternion, Local Euler Angles, Auto Clamp and all.

I found out that when I rotate my character, rotation is not what I set. Instead Unity automaticly generates random numbers. For example, I input “-17” on Z asix. After I input that, Unity makes it “-20540,57” on the Z axis.

I would really love to share a video with you, but I can’t upload any and the GIF’s can be only 500kb, which I can’t really compress my 20 seconds long video.

I am really bored with all that pointless problems of Unity’s. I hope someone has answer for this. Thanks.

Edit: Here is the video about the problem I’m having right now.

What I noticed is even if I set my value to 0, it automaticly changes to “-3711600”. Wich really messes up with all the animation. This doesn’t happen in a 3D project. But even if I create a fresh project and try rotating Z axis It messes up everything. I tried to download the latest version of Unity. (Before that I was using the latest beta.) But nothing really changes. This is really annoying. I hope someone can help with that. This really doesn’t make any sense. I guess spending 4 years with Unity was a mistake.

Isn’t there just one axis to rotate around in 2d?
Say you rotate a circle around its center, you would only use 1 axis, because the other two would just scale the circle.
Have you tried using x or y axis?