Basic Scripting Help

Hi there. I'm quite new to Unity, but I've got how the interface works, and also how to link scripts and objects, and how to use prefabs. But now I have a problem that I don't know anything about the scripting. I understand that I can't make games with other people's coding, but a can't find a good scripting tutorial on my own, so if anyone has any pointers as to where I could find any tutorials, then it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome :)

Unity supports three languages: Boo, JavaScript and C#. I think the majority uses either JavaScript or C#, and I like them both. JavaScript and C# are therefore the two most likely candidates to get started with, since it is most likely to get some support on those two :)

C# is widely used (not just with Unity3D) and after one search on Google, I found these:

The JavaScript language used in Unity3D is a lot different than the one used for webprogramming, so you could try looking at the Unity3D documentation. It has a lot of examples.

You could also start by looking at Will Goldstone's Learn Unity homepage. Its quite good for newcomers :)