basic scripting

I am very new with this software and know nothing at all about scripting

is there basics?

which type of script do I use?

is it just like another language to pick up?

how important is scripting?

I need help so if somebody could show me some basics then I might be able to actually get somewhere

If you have basic knowledge in programming , you can use JavaScript, Boo or C# for Game developing. Some programmers use C#, some use JavaScript ,some other use Boo. You can select which one is suitable for you.

I use C# , that is easy for me.

I can give some link for you.
for basics about Unity for basics of Scripting

Video Tutorials (i study basics from this site)

All the best

just choose one language and take a glance on web if you have somen programing basics. Then you go to the offical document and get started! Good Luck.

There are plenty of unity and coding tutorials on youtube.
Question about which programming language to choose have been asked milion times, just google it.