Basic Unity C# class instances

Well, this is my last question for awhile, and probably the most basic

I’ve started making static references to my class called “instance.” I understand the concept completely in terms of referencing, but I just don’t understand one thing:

Pretend I have 2 classes… 1 is Weapon and 1 is Health.

In order to access one instance I would type Weapon.instance., and vice-versa for the health and I could use the variables throughout both of those scripts.

My main question, however… (trying to choose my words carefully)

In the Health class, would I have to set a private variable, “Health” equal to so that I could use a true instance between scripts, or does Health automatically equal instance.Health if called in another script?

I’ll try to think up some more elaboration…

No you don’t need an local copy of the instance variable - you can use Health.Instance - be aware that statics are effectively global variables and should be used with caution.