Basic version control tutorial / how to develop the same game on multiple computers

Hello, really noob solo developer here. Just picking up the basics of using unity. I’ve messed around with stuff like GitHub before but I still really don’t understand how to really put things into practice. My situation is as such:
I have a laptop and a desktop computer. I want to use my laptop to develop when I have time at my job away from home.

how ever I’d like to develop on my desktop machine when I am at home. I understand the way to achieve this is through version control. Is there a basic tutorial / guide on setting up something like this? specifically geared towards how to use version control for unity development of course. I’ve just found that its all pretty confusing to set up, so if there’s any kind of step by step guide for setting up a project for use in version control, that would be the best


I think you could check out this Sourcetree and github with Unity.