Basics of Collision help. Working with character controllers.

I have a bit of C++ experience, but this is my first attempt at anything Unity. Currently the plan was to make a small, 3d, adventure game, and i’m working on being able to interact with NPC’s.

I have just two rectangles in the scene, Player character and NPC.
PC is using the third person player controller, and I have a small invisible rectangle parented to him, being used as a trigger. My intention is to check for an NPC which is colliding within this trigger, and if there is, allow them to interact.

The NPC is just another square, using a character controller as well.

This script on the trigger:

  function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) {
     if(other.tag == "Player"){

This is very simple, but a start :slight_smile:

And by “Rectangle” i guess you mean a cube.