bassic collider

Hi, I am new at unity3D. I try to make a basic wall by using “cube”, I add “box collider 2D” to the wall and to my player. I gave “Wall” tag to my wall. in both objects I put V on the trigger.

in some reason I can’t catch collisions, this is my player code:

private float speed = 2f;

	private bool startMoveRight = false;
	private bool startMoveLeft  = false;
	void Start (){

	void Update () {

		if ( Input.GetKey( "right" ) || startMoveRight ) {

			transform.Translate( new Vector3( speed, 0, transform.position.z ) * Time.deltaTime );
			startMoveRight = true;

		} else if ( Input.GetKey("left") || startMoveLeft ) {

			transform.Translate( new Vector3( -speed, 0, transform.position.z ) * Time.deltaTime );
			startMoveLeft = true;

	void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D target){

               Debug.Log("even not here");

		if ( target.gameObject.tag == "Wall"  ){


			//stop moving
			startMoveRight = false;
			startMoveLeft  = false;

my console is empty after I run the game!
I tried use OnTriggerEnter(Collider target) same issue.


Do you have a rigidbody2D on every object that can move?

They are necessary for collision detection.