Batchmode fails in case of a folder GUID change

I have reported this annoying bug:
(Case 1276867) Batchmode run results in compiler error if folder GUID changes

It’s causing us a lot of problems, blood and tears.

I have never received any acknowledgement about this bug - were you guys able to reproduce it?
Also - is there any workaround or fix for it in a newer Unity version? we are currently on 2018.4.0f1. @alexeyzakharov

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The bug hasn’t been yet processed - I’ve subscribed to the case and let you know once it progresses.
I can see we have some related cases (e.g. - similar issue related, though to PackageManager itself), but not exact this one.

@liortal this issue had been confirmed to be a duplicate of which is fixed in >=2019.2.0a9
It doesn't look like there is a simple workaround - I can only suggest some crazy ideas like delete .meta files for all/problematic folders before running CI script :)

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Thanks for clarifying!

Out of interest - is it related to package manager ? or to what?
As a sidenote - in the editor log i can see the same assembly being compiled multiple times (Assembly-Csharp) is this normal behaviour? why does it happen ?

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yes, it was related to the package manager.

do you mean on project open/import, build process or regularly after script changes?
E.g. during a build we recompile assemblies due to c# defines being different for the player/platform.

It's on project open/import. As part of investigating this bug (which results in compiler errors) i looked at numerous Editor.log files. In these files it seems as if compilation happens multiple times, each time producing compiler errors (might even be different ones).

I was wondering why that happens and whether that was expected behaviour.