-batchmode flag only available in PRO?

alt text

This is the error I’m getting when attempting to run my standalone build as a server instance. I’m creating a game that has persistent world data, but also runs game matches, like most arena style games. I’d like to use an instance of unity, along with Photon Server, to handle the in game logic as a master server. Nothing in the docs states that running the command line options are PRO features only, so I don’t understand why I’m getting a “feature unavailable”.

I also looked into whether commandline arguments were intending for building only, but the docs clearly state “Standalone players built with Unity also understand some command line arguments” – This would mean it’s intended use is not just building. So, I’m at a loss. I haven’t received any luck on the forums, either. Thanks in advance for the help.

For anyone else curious about this, the command line tools are mostly designed for Unity Pro.