Battle Royale Game in Unity.

Hey. So recently I have been playing PUBG and my friends have Fortnite btu I was wodnering how I could make something like this in unity. I have seen there is an asset on the Unreal Engine asset store but I would prefer to use unity. Anybody have any tutorials or some steps on how?

You’re not going to find any tutorials or step by step guides to make such a game because it’s a far more advanced topic than it appears at first glance.


Lets start with whats the minimum amount of stuff you need to make something similar:

  • FPS controls + some weapons to use.
  • A map with some buildings and random drops every time its initialized.
  • Player spawn: in PUBG/Fortine you drop from a plane/bus, lets simplify this and make the player spawn on a selected zone on the map.
  • 100 players multiplayer: You could use Unity Multiplayer Libraries, but I don’t think this solution can handle 100 player (I might be wrong about this), the amount of packages send would be too much, so maybe limit this to ~10 players.

You also will need some basic menus and in game stats. Now you have a MVP for a PUBG/Fortnite clone.

Everything is manageable except for the multiplayer, where you might need a dedicated server to handle multiple instances of 100 player rooms.

Theres no tutorial for making a game like this that I know of but there’s info for each bullet point on the list.


A little bit unrelated: PUBG is notoriously poor performing.

If one decided to try to clone as much of PUBG as one could, but implemented in Unity, would you expect better or worse performance?

Well… I’m sure this is not the answer you are looking for, but I don’t think there’s a more accurate one.

It depends.


Can you elaborate? Do you have any theories as to what makes PUBG run “poorly”? Based on your existing knowledge of Unity vs Unreal (which PUBG is written in), in which scenarios would one be better than the other?

I don't have theories. On a game of that size any number things can go wrong and I don't see the value of guessing. I've read the dev team (at least at the beginning) is quite inexperienced, and a lot of the assets they use from the unreal marketplace are intended to be full levels, not copy pasted all around the map along with other assets.

So... I don't think the game is optimised to a level that engine differences start to factor in too much.

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Yep, the engine is not the deciding factor here when it comes to performance.

Actually, I think Unity might even get better results with some good LODing and Streaming, but even now in UE4 the game could run a lot faster, the current culling and LODing is just crap.

I love Unity, but to be honest, Unreal performance are hundred of times better. Just try to run the Adam's demo on a medium PC (get an AMD FX and a HD7850) and it won't even start running. With that same specs, you can run any UE4 demo which has the same or better graphics.

Anyway, I don't think PUBG is bad optimised at all, just count 100 players sending 15msg/s and then add some RPCs for the item loot, and then... anyone who has worked in any multiplayer project knows that that has a REALLY big computing cost.

In fact, Rust performs worse with half of players and it's done in Unity.

To be fair, 20 players are killed during the first minute, and during that minute it also lags like hell.

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Fixed that for you.

You can run it but from my own personal experience with an aged computer (Phenom II X4 w/ GTX 460) the performance will be horrendous. At best you might occasionally see 20 FPS, but more realistically it’ll be in the teens. That’s no more acceptable than trying to run a tech demo only for it to not start.

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Have fun playing the kite demo on that GPU

That machine (FX 8320 and HD7850) is in fact a capable machine that runs even a really bad optimised Forza 6 APEX, or any other actual title at 1080 (not at max setting obviously). It can run the Elemental UE4 demo at maxed settings. But it can’t even run the Adam demo.

That Phenom and GTX460 is really far from the machine I said. And that’s not my actual machine (I’ve a better one).

C’mon, I’ve been using Unity since the first version, it makes game developing really fast and fun, but in terms of technology is clearly under UE/CE.

They’re only another year or two behind the hardware you mentioned but regardless both machines are significantly far behind the hardware Adam was intended to target. For that matter they’re both far behind the hardware Unreal 4 targets.

I’m not denying that you’re capable of running them. I’m denying that you’ll achieve good performance. Additionally what do you mean by “not at max setting”? Are you referring to one step below that or multiple steps below it?

PUBG absolutely is poorly optimised, especially when you compare it to its biggest competitor, Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, which follows the same general rulesets but doesn’t have nearly as severe lag issues.

Yea but High Poly > Low Poly

Except polycount has a negligible impact on performance nowadays and PUBG isn’t doing anything that graphically intensive. Not only that, but the lag is server wide, so even when models are being culled you’re still getting severe performance impacts.

I think if you have to ask how to do it on this forum, then you're probably not yet capable of doing it.


Yea. I sort of realized that. I’m going to keep developing my Survival Game until I’m good enough to make a Battle Royale game

Holy mother of apples and oranges!