BCE0005: Unknown identifier: 'EditorUtility'.

Hi, I have a problem in build the project. More precisely with the line

var path = EditorUtility.OpenFilePanel.

I read that I must to put this script into Editor folder, but when I do this, I can’t put the script in the scene. I need to open a file panel and get a audio file.

var music     :AudioSource; 
var url       :WWW; 
var tex       :WWW;
var audi      :AudioClip;
var pant      :Material;
var mov       :MovieTexture;
var butt      :UI.Button;
var state     :AudioDataLoadState;

function Start () {


function Update () {

butt.onClick.AddListener (click);
if(audi != null){
state = audi.loadState;
music.clip = audi;


function click () {

var path = EditorUtility.OpenFilePanel(
					"Open music file",
			if (path.Length != 0) {
				url = WWW("file:/" + path);

audi = url.GetAudioClip(false,true,AudioType.WAV);

Its an editor functionality. It doesn’t go in to the scene.

Follow closely the example from the docs.

Copy and paste the example to a file and name it as the class is named.
Place that file in your editor folder (This step seems to not be necessary in Unity 5).

Make a new file and paste this, then place it on an object:

#pragma strict

var test : EditorUtilityOpenFilePanel = new EditorUtilityOpenFilePanel();

function Update ()

The example from the docs requires that first you select a texture somewhere in your project explorer. The new code activates the method after you press F.

If you dont select a texture first you get a Cast error.

Once this works, modify it to suit your need.