BCE0005: Unknown identifier: 'transform'

I have looked around to find an answer to my problem but have not come across any, so I’m sorry if I did overlook it. My script was working in the previous versions of Unity but ever since I did a recent update (I’ve been absent for a while) a lot of scripts have errors written all over them. Here is the script…

//class that defines the physical properties and attributes of the cannonball
class cannonBlast {
	var cannonball : GameObject;			//create a slot to assign the cannonball prefab to
    var blastParticle : ParticleEmitter;	//create a blast particle slot to assign a particle emitter
    var cannonLight : Light;				//create a light slot to assign a light prefab for when the blast occurs
    var spawnPos : Transform;				//create a slot to assign an empty game object as the point to spawn the cannon
    var shooting : boolean = false;			//a boolean we can use to stop the player from shooting during the actual shot

var cannon : cannonBlast;					//a varible used to access all other variables inside of the connected class (essentially a group)

//class that defines the mechanics of the cannonball
class cannonballMechanics {
    var fireRate : float = 0.5;				//a variable setting the rate of fire
    var reloadRate : float = 1.5;			//a variable setting the time for reload
    var force : int = 1000;					//the cannons maximum power

    var nextFire : float = 0.0;				//a variable used to determine when to fire the next cannon

var mechanics : cannonballMechanics;		//a varible used to access all other variables inside of the connected class (essentially a group)

//inspector variables
//list of default variables that can be tweaked, selected, and changed inside the inspector
var instanceCannonball : GameObject;		//a variable holding an instance of the cannonball (which is duplicated upon firing)

function Start () {

function FixedUpdate () {
    Shoot();								//function put inside FixedUpdate because it handles movement over time

//function to create and shoot the cannonball
function Shoot () {
    if (Input.GetMouseButton(0) && Time.time > mechanics.nextFire) {															//checks if the user clicks the left mouse button
	    instanceCannonball = GameObject.Instantiate (cannon.cannonball, cannon.spawnPos.position, cannon.spawnPos.rotation);	//creates a duplicate of the cannonball
																					    										//at the applied position and rotation
	    mechanics.nextFire = Time.time + mechanics.fireRate;
	    instanceCannonball.rigidbody.AddForce (transform.forward * mechanics.force);											//add - or + force to the duplicated cannonball
	    Debug.Log ("Fire on Target!");
	    cannon.shooting = true;																									//shows if the user is currently shooting
    } else {
	    cannon.shooting = false;																								//shows if the user is not shooting

The error is BCE0005: Unknown identifier: ‘transform’. Located inside the shoot function, it’s the line: instanceCannonball.rigidbody.AddForce (transform.forward * mechanics.force); I just don’t see what’s wrong with it. instanceCannonball was already declared and the variable used for adding force is declared in the class cannonballMechanics, referenced by mechanics…

Anyway, I had the same problem earlier with the error, BCE0005: Unknown identifier: ‘Instantiate’, located inside the shoot function, the line: instanceCannonball = GameObject.Instantiate (cannon.cannonball, cannon.spawnPos.position, cannon.spawnPos.rotation); Prior to the update I did not have to put (GameObject.) in front of Instantiate, but I checked a recent post stating the devs changed the coding. Java is more strict on defining variables. Problem is. I dont know how to edit the (transform. forward) to fix the error.

Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated. I’ll still be attempting…

Sorry guys; I have figured out the issue. The code itself works but I received an error because the script bearing the code was named ‘cannonBlast’, which, is also, the name of a class inside the script.

So I guess Unity tried to access the script–which is a class itself when using java–against the class inside of the script. I figured it out when arkon tried pasting my code into an empty js file; I did the same thing–obviously changing the script name–and it worked.

Thanks a lot for your help on this one…

I’ve just pasted your code into an empty javascript file in my game and it all works fine with no errors. I suspect it’s something to do with where you have the file inside your assets folder. I put it here and it all works fine.