BCE0018 error

I have done a script, but when I debug it, it tells me the error BCE0018…

  public var f_speed : float = 5.0;
    public var loopSprites : SpriteManager[];
    public var JumpSprite : JumpSpriteManager;                  The name "JumpSpriteManager" does not denote a valid ("not found"). BCE0018
    public var layerMask : LayerMask; //to check for the raycast

How do I correct it??

This error means that JumpSpriteManager isn’t something that Unity understands. In other words, JumpSpriteManager is a class, and you’re trying to instantiate a member of that class with the line you’ve highlighted (a JumpSprite of type JumpSpriteManager), but the JumpSpriteManager class isn’t defined anywhere, so Unity doesn’t know what a JumpSpriteManager is.

My guess is that you’re copying this script from somewhere. Make sure that you grab the JumpSpriteManager.js script and add it to your project, or make sure that somewhere in your code you have a “class JumpSpriteManager”.

You should probably also check out this document, which talks a bit about classes in UnityScript: unifycommunity.com